#RELPURPOSE | DAY 5 | LEGS - Run Everything Labs


February 05, 2016

That’s right, its DAY 5 and we are hitting LEGS again this week.  But not to worry, not quite as heavy today, especially on squats today, because today we are doing front squats.  These can be a very difficult exercise for people, including me!  Now even though they are difficult and you typically can not squat as much as you do with a back squat, they should not be neglected.  Front squats primarily engage your quadriceps to a greater degree than a back squat and also hammer your core because you need to keep your body in a more upright position.  If front squats is a new exercise for you, try doing them on a smith machine first.  This way you are not worrying about holding the bar in place and can concentrate more on the movement.

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