#RELPURPOSE | DAY 10 | BACK - Run Everything Labs


February 10, 2016

Oooooo Back Day and we are doing a little partner intensity set.  Depending on your partner, you can use the same weight but just vary the reps, like Rob and I did.  We choose 135lb as the weight.  I did 5 reps he did 10.  The purpose here is to rest as little as possible, hence why we didn't change weights.  If you have enough bars in your gym, you could steal two and both of you set up your own weight on your own bar.  One person goes and as soon as the other person drops the weight to the ground, you should already be picking yours up.  You go back and forth 3 times, and thats one set.  You are doing 3 rounds of 3 sets...Get it? Got it! Good!!!  Now go destroy each other!

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