#RELPURPOSE | DAY 11 | REST DAY - Run Everything Labs


February 11, 2016

We encourage you not to look at this as a rest day. Make it an active day. Try yoga, run outside, play basketball. Stay active stretch things out

Today is another Variation Day!  And today we are calling this an ACTIVE Rest Day.  Active in the part where we want you to do something active, BUT today you are not lifting weights!  Today we encourage you to try something different.  There are so many other types of fitness out there and we want you to explore something new.  Go to that yoga class that you have been nervous to go into because you are like us and not flexible enough to contort your body into a human pretzel.  Maybe you used to play sports.  Go play basketball or kick a soccer ball around the field.  Maybe its warm out where you live that you can go run outside, or go find a challenging hike to climb.  Whatever you choose is up to you.  Just don't be lazy and lay on the couch.  Get up and move AND make sure you have FUN!!! Show us what you decide to do... use hashtag #RELpurpose ...

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