#RELPURPOSE | DAY 13 | CHEST & DELTS - Run Everything Labs


February 13, 2016

So tonight we want you to venture out and go to a new restaurant. One that you have never been to before. Now that being said, you better get to the gym early and get your workout in. You got heavy bench today with your 5x5 and get you all filled up for your date tonight. Finishing the workout with battle rope flies to blast your chest and delts and make them burn burn burn!!! Make sure you have a good sturdy, athletic stance. I sit down almost in a parallel squat position and just move that rope as fast as possible! Don’t cheat yourself and go all 15 seconds, no matter how much it burns. If you have a partner have them count the seconds for you and help you stay accountable. Then switch.

Have fun tonight and treat yourself to a little dessert!!! You deserve a little reward after these last 2 weeks!

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