#RELPURPOSE | DAY 18 | VARIATION - Run Everything Labs


February 18, 2016

Today you need to feel your body out.  You have the option if you are feeling overly fatigued to take a rest day.  If you want to give your muscles a break from the weights you could use today as an active rest day, where you don’t lift weight, but instead do something different like take a group exercise class, yoga, ride a bike, go for a run or hike out side, or go shoot some hoops at the park. Or maybe you use today as ARM day.  If you are looking to build some bigger pythons, go train some bi’s and tri’s.  Pick 2-3 exercises for both biceps and triceps and either hit them individually or do like we do and train them hard as fxck and fast as fxck using DTP supersets.  Decide on how you feel today and be honest with yourself.  If you need a break, take a break!

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