#RELPURPOSE | DAY 23 | LEGS - Run Everything Labs


February 23, 2016

Yesterday we let you rest...which means today you should be able to bust out an awesome leg day :) . However, we will take it a little easier on you because we have a big finale planned for you with this trainer in jus 5 short days. Even though we may be taking it easy you are still going to start with squats. Keep them a little bit lighter but focus on your form and technique. Optimizing your form with these lighter sets have a great carryover when working with heavier weight. After that we have hacks, single legs, and extensions to round off the quads. Even though we took it easy on you today your body may feel it a little different then its used to so be sure to get some rest and prepare for the big weekend ahead... Oh yeah don't forget about those calves!! ;)

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