#RELPURPOSE | DAY 28 | MAX TESTS FINALE - Run Everything Labs


February 28, 2016

Well, today is the big day! The day you've been waiting your whole life for. Okay, maybe not you whole life, but 28 days :) . Today you are going to be testing your maxes. Make sure you watch the video above where we explain everything. Our goal with this trainer was to introduce you to new styles of training and our different methods. Hopefully over the course of the 28 days you've discovered your "purpose" for your training. Maybe you've discovered that you like more athletic styles of training and exercise, or maybe you like training for strength, or power, or hypertrophy.

Now that it is over you can either start back at day 1 and relive the journey, trying to be better then your last effort. Or maybe you've learned something along the way and are going to start training in a new style.Either way, we've discovered in our 10+ years of training that their is no SECRETS. You may have learned by following along that we don't necessarily do anything "new" or groundbreaking. The absolute most important thing with training and "seeing results" is being consistent and HAVING FUN. Hopefully you've discovered what you enjoy, continue to advance your training to the next level and found YOUR purpose in training.... 

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