April 20, 2017



We all have busy lives and fitting the gym into our day can seem like the most daunting task. I don’t have enough time to go to the gym: is the number #1 excuse to skip the gym. Your workout doesn’t need to be 2 hours long to be a good workout.  A good workout can take 20 mins if you go hard! Because my life is so busy and hectic and I don’t always have a lot of time, I have really been training with more high intensity using supersets, compound sets, and giant sets.  By setting exercises together and keeping it super fast paced with minimal breaks, there is more time under tension by setting synergistic exercises together, which then creates massive pumps and your heart rate is elevated the entire workout, so you end up burning more calories/fat, which is a WIN/WIN to me.  You leave the gym a sweaty mess, with a huge pump, and it took probably half the amount of time it usually takes you to train. 


The workouts below all took me under 45mins to complete.  The point is to move fast, time under tension, and minimal breaks.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  You can find 45 minutes in that 24 hours to go fxcking hard!

Day 1: LEGS 

 1.  Squats 4 x 10 (60-65%)
     superset with
Deadlifts 4 x 10


 2.  Leg extension 4 x 12-15 (Drop set on last 2 sets)
     superset with
Leg press 4 x 10


 3.  Lying leg curls 4 x 12-15 (Drop set on last 2 sets)
     superset with
Barbell (or just bodyweight) walking lunges 4 x 30 steps 


Day 2: CHEST 

 1.  Flat bench press 4 x 8-10 (65%)
     superset with
Pec dec fly 4x 10-12
     superset with
Push ups 4 x Til failure


 2.  Incline press 4 x 8-10
     superset with
Incline cable fly 4 x 10-12
     superset with
Decline push up 4 x Til failure
     superset with
Front plate raise 4 x Til failure


 3.  Decline bench 4 x 8-10
     superset with
Decline cable fly 4 x 10-12
     superset with
Db lateral raise 4 x 10 x (Dropset) 10 


Day 3: BACK

 1.  Straight arm standing cable pulldowns 4 x 10-12
     superset with
Low close grip cable rows (or DB rows) 4 x 10-12


 2.  Barbell bent over rows 4 x 8-10
     superset with
Modified (lying) pull-ups 4 x Till failure


 3.  Pulldown tri-set (wide front, behind neck, underhand close grip) 4 x 10 x 10 x 10
     *Drop weight with each exercsise


 4.  Seated cable rows (wide) 4 x 10
     superset with
Seated cable row (close either under or overhead or neutral) 4 x 10
     superset with
Close grip (triangle) pullup 4 x Til failure


Day 4: LEGS

 1.  Squats 4x6 (70-75%)
     superset with
Jump Rope 1 Minute


 2.  Vertical leg press (use smith if no machine) 4 x 10
     superset with
DB stiff leg deads 4 x 10


 3.  Close stance leg press or hack squat 4 x 10
     superset with
Side-to-side step ups over bench (jumping) 1min


 4.  DB bulgarian split squat (using bench) 4 x 10
     superset with
Jumping bulgarian split squat (no weight, using bench) 4x10
     superset with
Step up (no weight, on bench)  4x10-15
     *complete this entire giant set one leg, then switch legs and complete giant set…..rest  after each round


Day 5: DELTS

 1.  Single arm lateral raise 3 x 10 x 10 x 10
     *Triple dropsets each counting as 1 set


 2.  Barbell front raise 4 x 10
     superset with
Barbell upright row 4 x 10
     superset with
Barbell standing shoulder press 4 x 10


 3.  DB arnold press 4 x 10
     superset with
Lateral raise drop set 4 x 10 x 10


 4.  DB rear delt fly 4 x 10
     superset with
Rope face pulls 4 x 10
     superset with
Low cable front raise (use rope) 4 x 10


Day 6 (Optional): HIIT Sprints 

 1.  8 x sprint 50 yard,(half field), walk 50yrd the rest of the way, jog 100 yards back to start position

 2.  2 x sprint 100 yards (full field) Walk 200 yards (up and back)



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