Ashley Horner & DLB Can't Stand After This

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Ashley Horner & DLB Can't Stand After This

In this week’s blog, Dana is training legs with Ashley Horner! Ashley is a fitness model, hybrid athlete, and trainer whose work has taken her across the world! She continues to train others at both an individual and group level and owns a number of small businesses. 

Training Routine

"That's what my channel has turned into - everyone trains me! What's up, guys? Dana Linn Bailey here and I am with the one and only Ashley Horner. She's already started, and she is about 8 weeks out from an NPC show in Figure.

So, because she is training, I am not going to take her away from what she needs to do to prepare, and instead, I am going to do Ashley's leg day alongside her.
We are going to warm up real quick and start with calves, we gotta get that calf pump. Then we will do squats with a heavy 8 by 8."

The Workout

- 3 sets of warmups with squats

Calf Raise:

- 21's x 4 sets

  • 7 - toes straight
  • 7 - toes in
  • 7 - toes out

"There are certain body parts I don't work out unless I am training for a show - abs, calves, and arms. "I don't train half of my body" The reason I don't train abs is that my diet sucks right now. So I will only train them once the water and body fat is off, then, I can make them a little bit better.

I also think most of my abs come from big compound movements. So I only focus and isolate them when I'm getting ready for a show. Arm day - It's just one of those body parts that I don't care about until there is a show, same with calves."

Leg Curls:

- 15-12-10-8, Finish with 15 pulses

The belt that Dana wears in the video is the belt she was wearing when she won Olympia in 2013. "Every year Steve Cardillo would make me a different color belt with the Flag Nor Fail logo. If you turn into an IFBB Pro he makes you a belt for free."

Back Squat:

- 8x8 - As heavy as possible 

Finishing that set, Dana is wiped out and takes a little break to catch her breath. After a few minutes, she gets up to start the next set, walking lunges. "I've never done them this way and I think that's one of the coolest things with this channel and what I've been doing with it, and with all the collaborators is seeing how other people train."

Walking Lunges:

- 20 reps per side / 3 sets.

"However, you're staying on the same leg doing a walking lunge and we're going to go really long with our stride. This is a more hamstring glute focus and when we stay on the same side you're going to step together and then step with that same foot back up. So we are going to go down and back on one side of the leg and then switch to the other leg."

Straight Leg Deadlifts:

- 4 sets of 10 reps

"I stopped doing conventional deadlifts a very long time ago because it is a lot of low back but we are also ending with straight leg deadlifts. This is because my erectors blow up and it kind of ruins the rest of my workout so I try to keep them more toward the end. 

Everything is based on a feeling so that is why I give rep schemes. What feels heavy today for 10 reps, the next time I do it might feel light. So, you can't always stay at the same weight. That is why I never write anything down because every single workout feels different. They are based on what time of day I am training, how much food I eat and what did I do before that. 

That’s it - That is leg day! Ashley Horner’s leg day and I feel amazing and Ashley does too! Ashley usually trains by herself and when you train by yourself you don’t always have that energy."

Ashley ends with, "I think when there is a disciplined athlete like Dana, you know, I've been in the game a long time it is easy to still get up and have to do it. But when there is someone right there next to you, to push you, you feel as if you have a little bit more to give, and that's when the magic starts happening."

"We both train by ourselves and I haven't been above 225, especially on a higher rep scheme so just having someone to train with you gives you a higher motivation to want to impress them."

That’s a wrap - follow Ashley on her Instagram @ashley.horner and subscribe to her YouTube channel Ashley Horner for more videos!

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