Leg Day - Featuring Dana Linn Bailey and Kristen Nun

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Leg Day - Featuring Dana Linn Bailey and Kristen Nun

This is a FULL Leg Day workout. Leg days for me are long and exhausting.  So today's goal was to get in and get out as fast as I can while still being totally exhausted.  Every workout I always involve one super heavy compound lift, so we start off with a heavy 5x5 squat. I want you to almost fail on that 5th rep.  The rest of the workout is basically little circuits.  We have a Quad focused tri-set and a Hamstring focused tri-set.

Below in the notes I have some alternative exercises you can use.  I understand some gyms may not have pieces of equipment I am using and training at a public gym you will not always have the ability to jump around to different machines. So grab a piece or two of equipment and then I will usually bring a set of dumbbells over to the machine to complete the circuit.  You can also just split the exercises up.  I only do this in a circuit style to save me time and it adds a bit of intensity because you are not taking any breaks in between.  Makes the work seem harder.

The Workout:

1. SQUAT: 5x5

  • NOTE: You may have 3-5 warmup sets to get to your working set weight. If you get 5 easy, try to add weight

2. QUAD TRISET: 4 rounds x 12-15 reps each

  • Leg Extension
  • Heel Elevated Trap Bar Dead
  • Weight Squat Jumps
  • NOTE: If you don't have a Trap Bar, you can do the same exercise just using dumbbells. I add a heel elevation for greater flexion in my knee which puts more emphasis on quads.

3. HAMSTRING TRISET: 4 rounds x 12-15 reps each

  • Leg Curl
  • Smith Machine RDL (video: I used Reverse Hack)
  • Smith Machine Vertical Leg Press
  • NOTE: Im using 3 different pieces of equipment in the video. I completely understand that this might not be possible in a public gym. My suggestion if you want to try and do all three together, you can maybe choose to do dumbbell RDL’s or Landmine RDL. You could also change the exercise and equipment being used.
  • For instance, if you gym doesn't have a vertical leg press, you could use a smith machine instead. I would do Smith Machine RDL’s and then a hamstring dominant squat or even Vertical Leg Press on the Smith Machine. For Smith Machine Vertical Leg Press you will lay with your back on the ground and feet on the bar, pressing up to the sky. I suggest putting a yoga mat under your back. I still prefer doing Smith Machine Vertical Leg Press over any leg press ever. You can also just split these up and not do them in a tri-set. I just do this to save time.

4. SUPERSET: 3 rounds x 10 reps each

  • Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Bodyweight Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats
  • NOTE: I want you to stay on the same leg for both exercises before switching. You start with the weighted Bulgarians, then drop the weight and go right into the jumping Bulgarians with just your bodyweight. These will burn burn burn!!!!!