This Quad Focused Leg Day is Not For the Weak

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This Quad Focused Leg Day is Not For the Weak

Why are the Quads so important?

Your quads are a group of muscles at the front of your thigh that contains more mass than any other muscle group in your thigh. Your quads enable you to jump, kick, walk and run. They are so important in being able to do everyday activities that you have to be careful when working out.

Injury to the muscle group can be painful and result in lost time from working out, training or competition. This week, Dana shows us how to push our quads to the limit safely and effectively. This workout is sure to have your quads burning and feeling great!


1. Barbell Squat (4x8)

2. A) Trap Bar Deadlifts (12/10/8/8)

    B) Pulsing Goblet Squats (4x30secs)

3. NO Push Off Step Ups (3x12) *Note that the top of your back foot should be flat on the ground. This will help to avoid pushing off on your toe!

4. A) Leg Extension (4x20)

    B) Leg Press (25/20/15/12)

5. A) Bulgarian Split Squat (3x10-12)

    B) Jumping Bulgarian (3x10-12) *stay on the same leg for both exercises before you switch. Complete your quad burnout. 

Training your quads help to maximize and boost athletic performance, however, balance your routine to target glutes and hamstrings that will create a strong foundation for your lower body.

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