Want An Insane Back And Shoulders? Do This | DLB

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Want An Insane Back And Shoulders? Do This | DLB

In this week's blog, Dana is in Houston, TX training with Hany Rambod at Christian Guzman's Alphaland. This 30,000 square foot facility contains 3 gyms, a restaurant, a VIP lounge, a retail space, one soccer field, and two basketball courts. Dana took a tour of gyms one and two and is training her back and shoulders at gym three.

"The cool thing about training with other people is getting out of what you normally do and you get set in your ways of how you do things, so I am pretty excited. He’s the coach of all the top bodybuilders and I am excited to see how he messes me up."

The Comeback?

This training session begins with Purpose - Dana decides to dry scoop it this time!

Before they begin their workout, Hany Rambod asks Dana,” Would you even consider a comeback?” Dana is not sure but is going to keep us guessing. “Maybe after this, we’ll see what I look like." 

Okay, so starting off, we have a seated shoulder press, we are aiming for 10 solid reps.

Seated Shoulder Press: 4x10

Turn Excuses Into Reasons

(Hany) “So again, for those that don’t know, I use a lot of static holds and I also use a lot of flex sets. So what I am trying to do is increase blood flow to the area, and more time under tension, even after the exercise. More time under tension means you are going to get more muscle growth.

Athletes will use too much weight and then they’ll get these gigantic traps that will actually make you look more narrow. You will only have bigger traps and they do not develop in proportion to your delts. Dana is doing a great job keeping her chest up and we’re getting her to pull out just a little bit more than usual. I think it’s going to come out to be a really good round delt."

(Dana)"We are doing laterals a little bit different than I normally do so we’re holding the dumbbells out in front of the feet, normally I’d start like this but we’re starting here. I concentrate on going wide and then pouring it out so I think he’s up at the top and then adding the little static holds manual resistance. So he’s pushing down as I am pushing against him to drive just a little bit more blood to where we want it, our shoulders!

The Workout

Lateral Raise (Pour That Pitcher Of Ice Tea): 4x10-15

Hany, "We are working on muscle control so what are we doing? We want to be able to control the eccentric as well, so as we’re doing static holds she's holding the opposite side and then being able to do one side. She completes it and switches over to the other side, It is a whole different kind of strong."

Dana, “I don’t even know where we are anymore and I’m getting dizzy. Starting front raises with five reps you’re adding static holds which are impossible without Hany's support. So, 5 reps for each arm and then 3 reps for each arm, and then 5 reps together. Now we switch ways and now we’re hammering so thumbs up and the same thing - do 5 reps each arm and 3 reps each arm."

Front Raises/ISO hold: 4x5/5/3/3/5/5

Once finished, Hany has Dana add some static poses/static holds. "A front double bye, you’re squeezing everything bringing your arm back squeezing. Just bringing more and more blood to the muscle. So now we’re doing a single arm, we do a couple of regular ones, then a little third of the way up, half, and then all the way up so we do that 4 times through."

BTB Raise: 4x Ladder Set

Hany," The belts are full, now the rear delts are catching up to the lateral head of the belt so that's what we’re focusing on right now." Rear delt flies - 15 reps, and go right into a standing face pull really making sure you point that thumb backward. We did 10 reps there then we switched our hands. So our hands are mimicking doing a row. Then add some posing to bring that blood when you are relaxed back to the muscle you are working.

Bent Over Fly/Standing Face Pull: 4x15

On the last exercise, we changed it and did 2 sets, we moved it up. I like that one better because I got a better stretch and remember to stay focused on keeping the elbow nice and straight - I did 12 to 15 reps. Then, went back to the face pulls, and added some holds at the end. 


Will DLB be returning to Olympia!? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, we can all agree that if she did...there would be no doubt who the winner would be. This workout was intense but Hany had great advice on the best way to grow balanced shoulders and define those back muscles! If you attempt to do front raises with static holds then make sure you have someone to help. The best way to try these exercises is to have a friend/professional with you at the gym. 

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