Yarishna Grows my Glutes

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Yarishna Grows my Glutes

In this week's blog, Dana is in Montgomery, TX training with Yarishna Ayala at Lee Labrada's Gym.

"Alright, guys, we are back at Labrada gym! It is 9:30 pm and we have training number 3 with Yarishna. I'm hoping that my being in close contact with her might mean my butt will automatically grow. So we are going to get it done, I trained legs earlier this morning, kinda messed everything up, we're gonna train tomorrow but we're doing it again. You can train twice on the same day! I'm following her though, she knows what she's doing, leg goals! The booty queen says we are."

Thigh Abduction Machine & Hip Thrusts 

Starting with abductors. So if you notice we are actually slowing these down and doing a 4-second pause on each and every rep, really focusing on the foot. Slowing down the movement helps with growth and pausing stimulates the muscles. I'm telling you it is going to grow today!

Alright, next up we are doing hip thrusts in the smith machine and instead of doing a 4-second pause as we did on the abductors, we are doing a 4-second eccentric. So we are slowing the rep down and then at the top squeeze for a good 2 seconds. Time under tension just makes it so that you don't have to put on a thousand plates.

Sumo Pit Shark & Reverse Hack Sled

We are moving on to Sumo pitch sharks so again, slow eccentric down and then hold for a 3-second count at the bottom, slow, controlled, 10 reps.
Dana jokes that Yarishna, "Was not holding on - she was balanced! I put it on and my balance was all over the place."

Now we are doing more glute and hamstring focus exercises. We are on a hack sled, however, we are reversing it and really pushing from our backside. Releasing the tension nice and slow focusing on the eccentric 3-second countdown and holding for 3 seconds and pushing back up.

Our feet are generally wider than normal with toes slightly pointing out to work out that side glute. Dana finishes on the hack sled with, "I feel like I can't let her down, so I just do the reps" then jokes, "Let's go eat some pizza and drink some wine because after you train the pizza is supposed to go directly to your butt." 

Pendulum Squat & Leg Press

Back on the machine I was on about 10 hours ago, definitely not this much weight but will try to get 10 reps! On the pendulum squat, do 4x10 making sure to stay slow and controlled. Here you see Dana with her knees wrapped up to give them extra support with the weight. Feet placement and knees should be stable because they have so much weight bearing down on them so stay consistent and in control of the movement. Next is the leg press with a 2-second pause at the bottom and four 10 to 12 reps each time.

Walking Lunges

Alright, ya'll! We end today with walking lunges and, again, slowing them down, holding them down. That seems to be the theme of today's workout because until you train with someone, "then you remember oh yeah body builders slow it down so we can build."

Dana and Yarishna finish the workout strong and made sure they got the most out of these exercises! The workouts provided will help grow and strengthen your glutes and hamstrings in no time. As always be safe, consistent, and controlled.

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