Bonnie Schroeder | Athlete

Bonnie Schroeder

Coach and Powerlifter | St. Louis, Missouri

Bonnie Schroeder is an accomplished powerlifting athlete and coach with a passion for holistic health and wellness. Her background in track & field, bodybuilding, and also crossfit, make her a well rounded coach with a wealth of knowledge that she continues to share through live seminars across the country and on her popular social media platform. Bonnie coaches powerlifting athletes of all levels, hosts a subscription training service and continues to be a vocal advocate for women's health issues.

My biggest goal right now is to continue to give back to the lifting community. My life completely changed because of the barbell and I want to be able to share my appreciation of lifting with others. I love being able to host lifting events/seminars and getting a chance to ignite that same passion in others. My boyfriend and I are currently also focused on growing our rental property business, coffee business and clothing company. In our free time we enjoy traveling, immersing ourselves in new experiences and spending time with our kitties, Doug and Olllie.

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Injuring my back in 2018 was a HUGE mental shift for me. I had to explore who I was outside of being just an athlete. Learning how to not tie my identity to a single thing that could be taken away from me was absolutely crucial.

Travel! I enjoy exploring new places and immersing myself in new cultures. I also love to hike, SUP, kayak, meditate, and lose myself in a good book.