Brooke Ence | Athlete

Brooke Ence

CrossFit Athlete | St. George, Utah

I grew up in southern Utah the youngest of four siblings. I danced and sang my way through childhood and was a modern dance major at the University of Utah. I found crossfit as a way to train for a roll in a Cirque de soleil type show. However I fell in love with the sport and quickly excelled in it. I joined the UTE CrossFit team in 2011. After working my ass off, I took a 6th place finish in the Northern California Regionals in 2014, my first time. In 2015, I landed 1st place in the California Regional competition. I then went on to place 14th at the 2015 CrossFit games with 1st place wins in two events. In 2017 I sustained a significant neck injury that was devastating and required surgery. It took me out of competition for over a year. I was able to return to compete in the California regionals in 2018, however, right after I was diagnosed with torn labrum in both shoulders. I decided then that my competition days were over.

During my recovery, I was never just sitting at home, I knew my time as a professional athlete was limited, and I decided to explore the world of business. I continued filming and creating content for my YouTube channel. In 2018 I launched ENCEWEAR, an apparel line. Shortly after my partners and I launched a skincare line called ATHIA. In 2019 we launched the Naked Training Program, as well as a podcast called Between the Reps. My other passion is acting. I was fortunate enough to be cast as Penthiselea in the 2017 film Wonder Woman and The Justice League.I ions and am looking forward to pursuing that industry further.



I like to listen to music that gets me energized and motivated for my workout.

Athia post workout spray, athletic tape, and deodorant.

Being able to come back and compete in the 2018 regionals after having a cervical spine fusion just a year before.

The realization that my season was over after just one diagnosis and one Dr. visit.

Spend time with family, mountain bike, snow board, ride horses. Pretty much anything outdoors.