Dana Linn Bailey

2013 Olympia Winner

*First woman to ever win this title

My Name is Dana Linn Bailey, aka DLB, owner and athlete of Run Everything. I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Starting at age 5, I was a 6 sport athlete most of my childhood. I learned a great deal about discipline and work ethic from a very young age. High School I stayed very active playing sports every season for my school team and also played year round on a traveling soccer team. Soccer obviously being my favorite, I went on and was recruited as a starting defender for West Chester University. It wasn’t until my college soccer career came to a close where I got into the gym and lifting weights. I fell in love instantly. I loved getting stronger and I liked seeing my body change and seeing muscles form.

I dealt with a lot of body image issues and insecurities growing up, but this was the first time in my life that I really loved and appreciate what my body was capable of doing. I entered my first bodybuilding show about a year later in 2006. I competed in the figure division and again got hooked on competing. Coming from a very competitive background, I enjoyed that sense of preparation. I competed for many years in figure, never really doing well because I didn’t really fit in that division, but there wasn’t anywhere else for me to go. Until 2011, the IFBB came out with a new division called Women’s Physique. I decided to do the first show, which was NPC Junior USA’s in Charleston, SC. I not only won my class, but I won the overall, becoming the FIRST Pro Ever in history for the IFBB Women’s Physique division. Two years later, in 2013, I also won the Inaugural Physique Olympia, and became the First Ever Ms. Olympia Women's Physique. Winning the Olympia for Women’s Physique definitely was my biggest achievement, but I think being the first to ever do this speaks a lot. Being stubborn, and sticking to my guns made me a pioneer for this sport.

It's taken a lot to get to get here. There were so many decision that were made in the opposite direction to get me to where I am today. Not just as Ms. Olympia, but a woman that stands up and goes against the grain for something she believes in and makes her happy. For years and years the industry tried to change me, because I didn’t fit into their mold that they saw for women. I was different. And me being different is exactly why Im here. Not conforming to fit in, not compromising myself for anyone, and just truly being confident in myself, that is a super power. And this all started for me in the gym, building a strong foundation both physically but most importantly mentally. And that is my goal with my self and with this brand. I want to help build people from the outside in, so they can be strong physically and learn how to be strong mentally. Because when you stop caring about what everyone else thinks of you and you are confident in yourself, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

My favorite product of ours is Wellness. We all have very chaotic lifestyles. For me, constantly traveling, lack of sleep and being over-caffeinated can leave me feeling less than optimal. That daily stress can put your hormones out of whack leaving you feeling tired and unable to perform at your best. Wellness helps keep your hormones in balance so that you will always be at your optimal state, even if your life is somewhat of a disaster! ;)