Johanna James

I wasn’t always into fitness. I played sports my whole life and was (and still am) competitive AF. I even went to college to play field hockey and still never got a grasp on the importance of fitness. 

I was on a balanced diet of  brown sugar Poptarts and Gatorade most of the time. It wasn’t until my first day of the police academy did I realize the shape I was in.  I couldn’t do a single pull-up. The Lead Instructor called me out and made me fail in front of the entire class. Good Lord did I embarrass myself! I felt a combination of self doubt and anger, but boy did I need that. 

Years of eating what I wanted, a good amount of partying, but was so damn frustrated and confused when I couldn’t dominate in PT. Why am I not the best? It was a hard pill to swallow. The academy was where I learned that food is fuel, and I now had an obligation to the community I served to be the fastest, strongest, most well-trained version of myself I could possibly be. The only thing holding me back was me. Once I made that realization…THE GAME CHANGED. 

I fell in love with health and fitness, reaching personal goals, helping others reach theirs, and trying to set an example for young girls everywhere. An example that girls are tough and can absolute run the show too. If I can help or motivate even just one fellow girl or woman along the way,  then I have achieved my ultimate goal.

My favorite product is Intent! I take in the mornings to kick start my day instead of coffee. It gives me the energy I need to start my 12-hour shift and feel dialed in.



Before I leave my house I take a glass of water mixed with Watermelon Purpose to the face. On the way to the gym I blast whatever music I’m feeling that day. Gangster rap and heavy metal are my two favs! By the time I make it to the gym I’m ready to rock.

A shaker full of Progress, a pack of gum, and my headphones.

Becoming a Run Supps Athlete hands down is my proudest moment this far!! To be associated with this group of bad ass women is legit the coolest thing to me. Run Everything embodies what I’ve always wanted to represent, women just absolutely crushing it.

The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome as an athlete was realizing that my life depends on how I train. A career in law enforcement comes along with a lot of things that are expected of my me physically. Speed, strength, and technique are all equally important. So I really had to shift my mindset from training for aesthetics to training to stay alive and keep other people safe when on the street.

Outside of the gym I spend most of my time with my pooches. Charlie girl, the old salty lab, and Moli, the sweet little GSD. Other than the gym, my girls and all animals are my heart and therapy! 🤍