Kristen Nun

Overland Park, Kansas

I had a great foundation for being an athlete starting at an early age, as I grew up in a fitness-minded family. Even as a little girl, I loved being active and enjoyed playing all types of sports. My Dad was my head coach when I was a kid. He taught me a lot about being part of a team and helping one another grow, not only on the field but in life as well. He also introduced me to the sport of weightlifting, in a little gym he built in the basement for me and my brother. Discipline was instilled in me as a young child, by my Dad who was an FBI Agent and Marine. My mom was a cheerleader who ran track in high school and I had a younger brother that was an athlete as well, who became a Marine Infantry Officer.

I have always loved being involved in fitness and working with others. Some of my fondest memories were of helping kids compete in the Special Olympics and coaching a girls’ youth soccer team. I began serious weight lifting in high school to become a better all-around athlete. I grew up focusing on soccer most of my life, culminating in multiple State Championships with my nationally recognized travel soccer team, and full athletic scholarship offers to various D-I and D-II schools. I ended up accepting a college soccer scholarship and started as a freshman. However, after my first year, I decided to focus on my studies and continue to work out just for fun. As a result, I transferred to, and graduated from the University of Kansas, with a BS in Education in the field of Personal and Community Health.

I obtained my NASM-CPT and was a personal trainer and fitness instructor for a period of time. My involvement with vitamins and supplements started when I had an opportunity to move to Hawaii where I went to work in that industry. I have over six years’ experience working with sports nutrition products. These experiences were invaluable. However, I knew I wanted to help people with their health and wellness goals, but on my own terms. I look forward to educating and training others myself again, and I am in a great place to do that now. I plan to offer training eBooks and more merchandise in the near future on my website

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, have allowed me to connect with people from all over the world. I love using these platforms to inspire and motivate others to "be true to who you are and own it.” I do not fit the typical "female stereotype,” never have and never will. I am glad there is a brand that believes in, and encourages hard work and individuality. I am proud to represent this company, Run Everything, because they respect athletes for their mentality, commitment, greatness, and dedication to their craft.

My favorite Run product is Purpose. I love to take a double-scoop before training to get the most out of my workouts!



Music and visualization.

Headphones, jump rope, and a shaker bottle.

Receiving a full athletic soccer scholarship to college.

Overcoming a severe ankle injury and the reconstructive surgery that was required to repair it my junior year of high school.

Playing with my best friend Reeses (my 80lb American Bully), going to the shooting range, oil painting and hitting a few golf balls.