Taylor Dayne Loyd | Athlete

Taylor Dayne Loyd

CrossFit Competitor | Austin, Texas

My name is Taylor Dayne Loyd, named after the 80s singer “Taylor Dayne”, but most people call me TDL. Bios are hard because how do I fit so much of what makes me, me in 3 paragraphs?

I am 33 years young. I am born and raises in Austin, Texas. I come from a broken home with the odds against me. I grew up having no idea if anyone even gave a fxck about if I was born or not. I found my identity through partying and drugs, but I always had a deep feeling I was… different. I had a purpose I just had no idea what it was.

I'm here to tell you, your past has nothing to do with your future. I had no one telling me to go to college (and I sure as fxck didn’t go, I tried, but it never stuck) I had no one educating about how HARD life is. No one teaching me about credit, taxes, investing, IRAs, NOTHING. Around 24-25, the voice inside was SCREAMING and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was done with dealing drugs, being drunk until I didn’t know my name, and not walking out my purpose. My brother taught me about credit, and I started figuring out life.

Since then I have never had an 8-5, not once. I coached all day and online programmed all night. I have opened a 6700 sq foot gym and didn’t have to use a single loan. I have a t-shirt / screen printing business that I paid for all on my own. And I just recently bought a house, all on my own. I've never been in debt or in a place I couldn’t take care of myself. And for some that’s not impressive, but for me, that is EVERYTHING and what I am proud of. I did this.

Currently, I'm training my ass off for CrossFit and honestly my only goal is to live out my FULL potential in the sport, whatever that may be. I'm building my brand Rebel Co. and trying to take that to the next step. I'm a strength coach at Hit Athletic and still do online programming. I ride a Honda CBR1000rr, a dog mom, t shirt slanger, coffee drinker, sarcastic, and a heart the size of Texas. I will make my mark in this world and I hope you do the same.

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I either watch old videos from training / regionals and remind myself I have to prove to myself I belong / music.

We carry all the things all the time.

How far I have got in Crossfit in such a short time, I had ZERO crossfit background when I started and sold my soul . - and when I qualified as an indy for CrossFit my second year of doing it. (I did not go)

Being completely new to CrossFit surrounded by people who had been to the games.

Ride motorcycles, screen print shirts, be with my pups