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My name is Jessica Fresh. I'm a multi-sport athlete, student, explorer and constantly working towards bettering myself. When I began wrestling in second grade, I found my love for competition and physically demanding sports. Wrestling taught me the importance of pushing past my limits, which is something I have carried over to all aspects of my life. When I decided to do MMA, my goal was not to sign with the UFC or be the next title holder. This was a new, exciting way to challenge myself and push my limits yet again. When I began focusing more on MMA I still kept doing other workouts many fighters don’t typically do. I didn’t want to give up training in powerlifting or doing typical body building workouts because I enjoy them. Thus, this fighter/athlete program is very similar to the way I train; it incorporates a variety of workouts to keep the training diverse, fun, and challenging. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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